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50% OFF BEST Selling Goldfish Aquarium PLANT PACKAGE!

Got Goldfish?  Want to put some aquarium plants in with Goldfish?  The G.P.C. (Goldfish Planted Combo) is the planted tank combo for you.    

You can’t keep many plants in with Goldfish, they are just born to eat and eat and eat whatever they can. But you can keep some plants in with your Goldies….  And these are perfect for them!

This Best Selling Goldfish Plant Package is typically $49

 Here is what you get:

  • 20 Leaves of Anubias Nana (3 or 4 plants)
  • 5 leaves of Anubias Barteri (1 or 2 plants(
  • 15 leaves of Java Fern

AND one BIG scoop of Duckweed to occupy your Goldfish.

  • We also throw in about 10 feet of black thread to tie everything down to where you want it to go.

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Purchased individually these plants would cost you…

$32 Anubias Nana

$11 Anubias Barteri

$24 Java Fern


= $67 TOTAL!

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